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Cute Summer outfits for 2014

Cute Swimsuits

Shopping for cute swimsuits to suit your body shape perfectly can be difficult. If you get it right, a day at the beach Will be pure joy. If you get it completely wrong however, a seaside trip can leave you feeling a bit self-conscious. The perfect swimsuit is a must for the complete summer wardrobe.

First things first, take a moment to find out your real body shape by measuring your hips at their widest point, your waist at its narrowest point and your bust at its fullest point.

This will let you know your true body shape so you can set about choosing some super cute swimsuits for the beach.

The four basic body shapes are the apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle.






Apple shape

The apple shape is characterised by broad shoulders, large bust, narrow waist and thin legs.




Pear Shape

Narrow shoulders, average bust size, narrow waist, wide hips and thighs.








Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is characterised by evenly proportioned bust and hip curves with a narrow waist.






Rectangle Shape

Characterised by a slim build with small bust and narrow hips.






With your body shape in mind you can select a swimsuit that flattens your belly, accentuates your curves, flatters your large bust or boosts a flat chest.


Cute swimsuits for the pear shaped body



For a pear shaped body, try a swimsuit with a bold pattern and contrasting color to divert the attention from the hips. The solid neutral color also helps to balance the look. This swimsuit also features cute button trim that gives shape and definition to the waist.





This cute and stylish Calvin Klein swim dress is perfect for the pear shape. The dark color creates a flattering silhouette, with the crossover shaping the waist and the halter neck giving a wider look to the shoulders.


This swimsuit features an electric blue pattern which draws the attention up away from the hips. The Scalloped neckline further accentuates the bust. The side shirring pulls in the waist to give a lovely curved look.





This bandeau swimsuit is a cute and sexy beach outfit that is perfect for the pear shaped woman. The bandeau style exposes a lot of flesh that contrasts with the black bottom.






The design on these cute swimsuits has a slimming effect on the body shape. The thin vertical lines make the body appear slimmer and the horizontal line under the breasts give definition to the bust.




Cute and sexy one-piece swimsuit with a vintage retro look.











Cute Swim Suits for the Apple Shape




This is a super swimsuit for both apple and pear shapes. The solid black color creates a lean and flattering silhouette. The full body cover hides any excess lumps and bumps and gives a understated yet sexy look.






This is a super cute swimsuit that uses creative graphic design to visually separate the bust the waist and the hips to create a cute and sexy look.





This classy full coverage swimsuit provides tummy control and definition of the bust to give a curvy sexy look.









This classy and elegant swimsuit uses design to highlight the waist and separate the bust from the hips.






Calvin Klein Tankini that pulls in the stomach to smooth the silhouette and outline. Added cup padding to boost the bust and create more attractive curves. Pair with a pair of bikini bottoms to create a super cute swimsuit. The tankini is long enough to act as a swim dress and cover the hips.






Cute Swimsuits for the Hourglass Shape




If you have an hourglass shape you can get away with most types of beach wear. This two piece swimsuit shows off the curve between the bust and hips to great effect.






Super hot two piece swimsuit. Push up underwired cups create a flattering bust line. Comes with matching low cut bikini bottoms.






Super cute swimsuit featuring ruffled halter/bandeau top and ruffled bottoms.








Cute two piece balconette bikini swimsuit. Features low rise bikini bottoms with balconette padded top with removable straps.




Cute Swimsuits for the Rectangle Body Shape




If you lack curves, you can create the visual illusion of having a more hourglass figure by choosing the right swimsuit. This one piece bathing suit features a cut-out design that adds a waist to an otherwise straight look.







This swimsuit accentuates the waist with the cut-out sides and highlights the bust with frills.






This racerback swimsuit is good choice for the rectangle body shape. The plunging neckline draws attention upwards and the belt creates a waist.









These cute swimsuits feature a daring plunging triangular neckline that draws the eyes upwards and creates shape to the look.




Wearing skirted swimsuit bottoms can add width to narrow hips and give some curve to your shape.







Swimsuit outfits