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Cute Summer outfits for 2014

Cute beach outfits

Summer is the season for getting yourself down to the beach to relax and have some fun. Creating cute beach outfits is fun because there are so many styles available to choose from. No matter how shy or confident you are with your body shape there is plenty of scope for creating cute outfits for the seaside.

Mix and match swimsuits. shorts, tops, summer dresses, sandals, sneakers, hats and sunglasses to create the perfect look to make you feel great.


Swimsuit Beach Outfits




Cute Beach Outfits

  1. Hilton Bay sports Shatterproof Wrap Sunglasses.  ( CLICK TO BUY )
  2. Long Sleeve Check Shirt. ( CLICK TO BUY )
  3. Clear Vinyl  PVC  Beach Bag + Cheetah Print Cosmetic Tote.  ( CLICK TO BUY )
  4. Cute Plaid Sneakers.  ( CLICK TO BUY )
  5. Frayed Hem Denim Shorts.  ( CLICK TO BUY )
  6. Speedo Swimsuit. ( CLICK TO BUY )

A sporty beach outfit featuring a quality Speedo swimsuit and cute shirt, shorts and sneakers. If you enjoy beach sports it’s worth investing in a shatterproof pair of sunglasses with UV protection.





1 – Rayban Sunglasses.    2 – Apple iPad.    3 – Hemp Summer Hat.    4 –  Cute Bandeau style Swimdress.    5 – Summer Sandals.    6 –  Insulated  Picnic Cooler Tote bag.

A cool beach outfit featuring a cute body smoothing swimdress, comfy summer sandals, elegant RayBan sunglasses, a light hemp summer hat and a cute tote bag.





1 – Cute heart shaped sunglasses.    2 – Three Button white Denim Shorts.    3 – Studded High-Top Sneakers.    4 – Cat Print Bikini bottoms.    5 – Cat Print Bikini top.





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